Smart Assist by Mutare

Make the Smart Decision

The Business Opportunity Behind Missed Calls

Smart Assist Call Completion Workflow

Smart Assist is a disruptive new technology solution that replaces voicemail with a modern digital call completion solution. Smart Assist is not voicemail. Smart Assist is a completely new technology that answers missed calls, eliminates voice mailboxes for users and cuts enterprise costs 20% to 50%.

Coke and Chase recently made headlines over their decision to reduce and, in some cases, eliminate voicemail services for their employees, but hanging up on callers is simply rude. On the other hand, employees need better tools to handle missed calls and message waiting lights, dialing to retrieve messages, entering PINS and managing greetings.

Employees don’t want to manage voice mailboxes, but they do need to be able to quickly handle important messages and be able to ignore phone spam. That is why Mutare invented Smart Assist.

How Smart Assist Works

  • Replaces legacy voicemail systems
  • Answers calls
  • Records a voice memo
  • Converts the voice memo to a visual message the user can more quickly read, listen and control
  • Supports word spotting, message analytics and CRM Appending for faster response
  • No voicemail box, greetings or passwords to manage
  • Robust auto attendant for callers

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