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SAM by Mutare is a genius move. The email delivery of voicemail messages is great but the SMS Texting feature is by far my favorite. I can create my own custom template to deliver what is important to me to my mobile device including the voice to text delivery of the message left. Laurie Douglas
NBI, Inc.

EVM opened our eyes to how we can do things better. Being in the hospital IT staffing business, we get a LOT of phone calls at all hours, and inevitably some of those calls will go to voicemail. EVM gives us 24-hour a day access not only to the voicemail messages but also the transcription of those messages on our smartphones so we can actually do something from wherever we are. And that has made a tremendous difference for our staff and the customers we serve. Jack Williams
President, Health IT Project Managers

I have received a lot of positive feedback, particularly from our group sales and technicians...Not only does the Mutare system make our people more efficient, but our company is realizing significant savings through reduced phone usage. All that has a direct and positive impact on our employees' performance, our customers' satisfaction, and the company's bottom line. Michael Repella
Telecommunications Engineer, Philips Lifeline

We've gotten rave reviews about the new tools, especially from our 'power users' in the field, who really appreciate speed and efficiency for their communications. Overall I'd estimate that we have increased productivity of our people in the New York area by at least 15%. Craig Cuyar
Cushman & Wakefield

I am a big proponent of giSTT voice-mail-to-text from Mutare. With giSTT our customers get voicemail messages as email, as cell phone text messages or as an Instant Message. Text can be copied, pasted, forwarded, archived and searched. Our customers are very pleased with the service and Mutare is our go to partner for all voice to text applications. Mark Whitacre
Solutions Architect - Business Collaboration, NACR

This storm hit us at the worst possible time being one week before the election, and election advertising being more than 30% of our business this year. Your tool allowed NCC Media to continue operating, reallocating resources from non-affected regions to supplement the personnel losses in the affected regions. Your support is great, product is great, thank you!! Seth Weingarten
VP, Network Technologies, NCC Media

We turned to Mutare to provide Contact Center best practice consulting and implementation professional services and with their help we were able to Design and Implement an affordable Avaya Contact Center solution with IVR and CRM integration for our customer. The service and support was outstanding. Mike Gribble
Partner, Netrix, LLC

I should probably just get used to it but I continue to be surprised at the level of service I get from Mutare. For the second time in a row Mutare was able to assist me with another vendor's problem using their own software ... Mutare is one of those companies that has the rare combination of highly skilled, very professional and responsive experts who are a pleasure to work with. Mutare remains one of the best vendors we have partnered with! J. Michael Bernardin
Telecommunications Engineer, SheppardMullin

I just wanted to say thanks again for all of your help... I had an opportunity to visit with the City of Grand Junction's IT Director, and he was very impressed with how willing you were to work at helping solve the integration problem as compared to other software vendors. ... I'm impressed that you continue to be so helpful four years later. Your product and service have exceeded our expectations. Captain Donald S. Hendricks
Mesa County Sheriff's Office

The Mutare system is one of the simplest systems I have ever been involved in implementing. It is a very simple and user friendly system. The system has been in production for approximately 6 weeks and we have experienced no issues with the system. John Vollmann
IT Director, Township & Police, Township of Brick NJ

As a true partner, we value Mutare's dedication and relationship. I can't say enough about their innovative applications and support team. They are always available, responsive and best of all; produce tangible results for SPS and our customers. Patrick Damm
National Account Manager, SPS

The fact is, traditional voicemail can be frustrating for our people in the field since it means constantly dialing in to get messages. Some of our reps were starting to use their personal cell phone numbers for business purposes and bypassing the company system altogether. Now that they are getting their voice messages in email, they're back using the company phone system again and telling us how much their customers are noticing their quick response time. Michael Repella
Telecommunications Engineer, Philips Lifeline

In a market as volatile as international commercial real estate, any tool that helps close gaps of time between communications could make the difference between a successful transaction and a missed opportunity. Speech to Text makes us more responsive, and that has a direct impact on our bottom line and that of the clients we serve. Jaime King
iStar Financial

There is great peace of mind, knowing that we have a quick, reliable, and easy to manage warning system in place, ready to respond, when the unexpected happens. Eugene Conlogue
Millinocket, Maine

What really makes Mutare stand out is their ability to communicate with the client - they know how to ask the right questions to pinpoint our needs. They never lost patience with our requests, even when we made changes during the application trial period. Sherry Bittles
Wayne County Treasurer's Department

EVM is a perfect fit for our environment, and my subscribers love it! It's easy for them to use and easy for me to administer. I've heard nothing but positive comments from my customers about it. Nena Tolman
Olmstead County, State of Minnesota

I just wanted to pass along a quick note to thank you for your outstanding service a couple of weeks ago, when you helped us restore our server. You bent over backwards for us and you played a key role in troubleshooting and getting our server back up and running with minimal downtime. Steve Earley
Stryker Medical

Personally, I am grateful for the peace of mind EVM provides. If a problem comes up over the weekend or when I'm away from my office, I know the message will reach me. In the meantime, I can have a life free from worry about whether or not I should be checking in. That, alone, is worth a lot. Susan Watkins
MD Buyline

The application has really cut down on the amount of 'phone tag' we've had to play since the application was installed. That means less wasted time and less frustration for us and our customers. Tom Drescher
Cuyahoga County

Yes, I've had people call and say 'I love you,' and 'this is the best source of information we ever had.' But the credit really goes to the programmers at Mutare for taking what looked like an enormous task and making it now seem so simple. Arthur Pirozzi
NYC Department of Parks and Recreation

While ENS can be used for any number of message broadcast purposes, our primary concern was our ability to effectively manage communication in the event of a disaster and/or potential health crisis. Sue McIntosh
Ingham County Health Department

Mutare stayed with us every step of the way with their quick response to our questions and thorough training for those of us operating the system. Eugene Conlogue
Millinocket, Maine

Faculty members are inundated with messages from students trying to reach them. They are overwhelmed trying to manage both voice and email messages. Many, in fact, simply choose not to set up their voice mail systems. With EVM, the faculty member no longer has to check multiple places for messages since they will all be sent to the email inbox. Marie Shero
SUNY Geneseo

The system runs like a champ. If we ever run into snags, it just takes a quick phone call to Mutare and, poof! It's fixed. Pete Romfh
Continental Airlines

I knew that we could count on Mutare to come up with a solution to our phone call overload. But what really impressed me was how easy they made it for all of us. Sherry Bittles
Wayne County Treasurer's Department

Why Mutare? Because of their breadth of knowledge and amazing service. We need a provider we can trust. With Mutare, we know that every promise is a commitment. Brian Shepherd
St. Joseph's University

If we had an issue, Mutare did whatever it took to find a solution, even if it required contacting other third party vendors to coordinate on our behalf. That's something you just don't see much with a lot of providers. Mike Konopka
Crystal Rock

Right from the start, EVM has done exactly what it's supposed to do, and that is to make life easier for us and make us more responsive to our customers. Kris Bremer
Keys Energy

You're the best! Every partner should be like you ... Clear, concise, supportive, and great product! Dan Colella
Empire Technologies

Please ensure there is no interruption of service should our PO process get delayed for any reason. Our associates (including me) are so dependent on the STT service; this would cause a major problem if it was unavailable. IT Director, New Jersey

Many thanks! This [speech to text] is awesome ... I will be showing this to clients! Jean M. Paslawsky
Independent Telecom & Technology Consultant / Application Designer & Trainer

I nominate Jason Decker for Service and Support Engineer of the Century! Jason returns emails and phone calls almost as if he's sitting there waiting for my call knowing what I'm going to ask before I even do. This level of support and communication is unheard of in our world with the vendors we partner with. Thanks Mutare! Daniel Hoppe
Donlen , Sr. Telecom Network Engineer

At first we thought we would have to start over with a whole new program, which meant we'd also need to create all new user instruction materials. But Mutare managed to rewrite our existing application, while at the same time, keeping the processes to set up and use voice mail the same for the end user. It was seamless. Marie Shero
SUNY Geneseo

If you are a litigator, your schedule is often grueling, and you don't keep bankers' hours. At all hours, you'll receive telephone calls from clients, other members of your litigation team, and opposing counsel. Voicemail is great when you're not in the office, but beyond that, it's an enormous advantage when your voicemail messages are forwarded electronically to your email account. When you have this capability, you'll receive messages immediately, no matter when the message comes in or where you are. Allen E. Hoover
Partner, Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery LLP

It was clear that Mutare would not consider the project compete until they had 100% satisfaction from all of us. That simply is not true of the larger, impersonal firms. And guess what? They completed our project on budget and ahead of schedule! Sherry Bittles
Wayne County Treasurer's Department

Our users rely heavily on Mutare's EVM for unified messaging. We've never deployed an application so simple, yet so powerful. Kris Bremer
Keys Energy

I have had nothing but positive feedback from our people about the Mutare giSTT speech to text application. It completely transforms voicemail into something that is a huge help to us, our clients and our business. Scott Beck
Ezra Brutzkus Gubner LLP