Password Reset™

Make the Smart Decision

Simple, Self-service Solution for Password Reset Management

Mutare's Password Reset solution gives individual users within the organization the ability to change or reset their own passwords on their Avaya Aura Messaging or Modular Messaging mailboxes. Once integrated with the organization's database, Password Reset provides a simple Web* interface that allows users to verify their identities and select new passwords.

* An optional interactive voice response (IVR) component may be added to allow users to reset their passwords by phone

Password Reset Benefits

  • Frees administrators from the time-consuming task of manual password resets
  • Streamlines the reset process for organizations requiring regular password changes for security purposes
  • Facilitates password resets from any location, any time, via the Web
  • Gives employees control over their own password settings
  • Easy Web interface requires no desktop software or special training


Mutare's messaging applications are available for on premise or cloud deployment. Premise based applications are installed on a customer provided Windows server. Cloud based deployments are hosted in Mutare's cloud and require VPN access to the customer's network to interface with premise based voicemail systems. Ask your Mutare representative for more details.