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Vital Link Message

Mutare's Vital LinkTM is a flexible enterprise messaging solution that automates the delivery of notices to groups using simultaneous voice, text and email broadcasts.

Vital Link Mass / Group Notification is Perfect For

  • Emergency/crisis events requiring employee / stakeholder notifications
  • IT service alerting support
  • Business operations notifications, such as workforce management roll call or mustering, callouts to parents for absentee students, upcoming and special event announcements, and important meeting reminders
  • Business context-based alerting that gets triggered from another business process (for example, checking account overdraft, late payment, flight delays, work availability options by locale, grade delivery and incoming injured patient)
  • Critical, time sensitive notification through 'Quick Launch' buttons
  • Simple one-touch staff fufillment

Vital Link Features

  • Multichannel Notification through Phone, E-mail, SMS, IM, Secure Client, Facebook, RSS and Twitter
  • Cloud or Premise Deployment
  • Highly Scalable
  • Built in Disaster Recovery

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