Fire Desk

Make the Smart Decision

Never Leave Your Customers Waiting

Mutare's Fire Desk application assures your customer callers get the immediate support they expect, even when those calls come in after hours or when helpdesk is unavailable.

Fire Desk

When servicing your support line, Fire Desk takes incoming messages and delivers them to back-up staff as both an email and SMS text with a link for message playback. The application also includes the option to deliver the message as an outcall to assigned phone lines should the original alerts go unacknowledged.

Using the simple, flexible Fire Desk web interface, administrators can assign on-call agents, contact method of choice, and order/timing of escalation between primary and back-up agents.

The application can also create a live conference connection between the caller and on-call support agents depending on the nature of the call.

Using Fire Desk, your enterprise will assure rapid, anytime response to customer calls without the expense of full-time, 24-hour support staffing.


  • Economical, web-based solution hosted in the Mutare cloud; requires no hardware or software to purchase or maintain
  • Easily configured to add or change primary and back-up contacts to match changing schedules
  • Email and SMS text alert sent to the mobile device of on-call support agents assures rapid response regardless of time, day, or location of agent
  • Capable of multi-tiered message escalation if message is not replied to in a timely manner
  • Effective, economical alternative to 24/7 support staffing