Test Drive giSTT™ Hosted

Make the Smart Decision

The following is a demonstration of the giSTT Hosted experience. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Fill out fields below with your name, phone number (make sure you are near that phone) and an email address where you can receive the message transcription.
  2. Click "Submit." Within moments you will receive a call to the submitted phone number from the giSTT Hosted system.
  3. Answer with a clear "Hello" to launch the prompts.
  4. When prompted, leave a BRIEF, CLEAR business-style message (example: "Hello, this is Tom Smith. Please call me back as soon as possible to talk about our meeting this afternoon. I can be reached at 773 735 4723.")
  5. Press the pound or hash key (#) when finished, then hang up.

Your message will be converted to text and, within moments, sent to you as an email with the audio file attached.

If you are ready, please fill out all the fields below to take your test drive:



*Phone number where you can be reached right now (10-digits). USA numbers only.:
* Indicates a required field.