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See Voicemail Differently with giSTT

giSTT is Mutare's revolutionary business tool that exclusively converts voice message audio files to text. Voice messages represent a special transcription challenge because of their short duration, wide variety of speech accents and unique inclusion of phone numbers, urgent requests and one way communication messaging sentiment. Voice message are especially challenging to convert because audio clarity varies greatly in today’s voice over IP and mobile communications. Mutare has developed a proprietary voice to text speech model specifically tuned to the challenges of voicemail. While giSTT will not always transcribe messages to be word-for-word, the resulting transcriptions are adequate for users to get the ‘gist’ of the message without listening. This results in improved workflows for a variety of applications including enterprise voicemail, consumer voicemail, digital call completion, contact center overflow, message archival and e-discovery applications. giSTT transcriptions can optionally include analytics also tuned for voicemail and return audio quality, speaker sentiment and even gender. Mutare’s propriety giSTT API enables Mutare to embed giSTT services into a variety of custom and off the shelf solutions including:

  • EVM3 - a unified messaging plug-in application for existing enterprise voicemail systems supporting Avaya, Cisco, Siemens and AVST messaging systems.
  • giSTT Hosted - a voice to text conversion service that works with any voicemail system capable of forwarding a voice file in email. Common platforms supported include CallPilot®, IP Office, ShoreTel and Panasonic.
  • Mutare Hosted Voicemail - an economical cloud current voicemail system for enterprise messaging.

With giSTT, your company becomes more responsive to urgent voice messages resulting in higher sales, better customer retention and increased personal productivity. Once voicemail is converted to text, messages can be searched, forwarded, archived and appended. Urgent messages can be checked discreetly in noisy places and in meetings ensuring important voice messages never sit in voicemail.

Read Your Voice Messages on All Your Devices


giSTT works with all your existing phone equipment and mobile devices. There is no forklift upgrade and you can still use your phone to access voicemail messages, but you will likely never log in to listen to voicemail again.

At any given time, most of the meeting rooms in our building are filled, which means a lot of people are away from their desks and depending on voicemail. Now they can simply check their email on their smartphones, see the transcription of their voice messages, and reply just as they would to any other email without disrupting the meeting or delaying response to the caller. They also love just clicking on the email link to remove the message from their voice mailbox. It has been a real time-saver. Michael Repella
Telecommunications Engineer, Philips Lifeline