Mailbox Escalation

Make the Smart Decision

Mutare's Mailbox Escalation application provides escalating notification of waiting voicemail messages, assuring quick response when the primary agent is unavailable.

When voicemail messages are left unanswered in the monitored voicemail inbox for a specified period, Mailbox Escalation sends out a text alert to specified cell phone, PDA and/or pager addresses in an escalating pattern. Once contact is made and all waiting messages are played, the escalation process automatically ceases.

The rules of escalation, including contact names and addresses, sequence, and timing, are set by the administrator from the Mailbox Escalation webpage. Up to three receiving addresses may be defined for each monitored inbox, including PDAs, cell phones and alphanumeric pagers.

Mailbox Escalation not only provides notification of waiting messages during peak calling times, but also serves as an ideal after-hours and weekend solution, assuring that waiting calls are heard even during times when the service line is left unattended.

Mailbox Escalation Benefits

  • Know that important message will be heard in a timely manner when primary agents are unavailable
  • Reduce need for on-site, after-hour or weekend staffing
  • Assures adherence to Service Level Agreements


Mutare's messaging applications are available for on premise or cloud deployment. Premise based applications are installed on a customer provided Windows server. Cloud based deployments are hosted in Mutare's cloud and require VPN access to the customer's network to interface with premise based voicemail systems. Ask your Mutare representative for more details.

Message Monitor and Reporting and Mailbox Escalation are companion apps that are bundled together and sold as a package.